9 sinónimos encontrados en 1 grupos
  1. 1
    Significado: magnify
    maximize overstress overplay stress emphasize accentuate highlight make a big thing of overemphasize

Sinónimos para make

186 sinónimos encontrados en 27 grupos
  • 1
    Significado: fashion
    form model shape
    make forge mold
  • 2
    Significado: coerce
    require compel enforce make
    constrain demand force inflict
  • 3
    Significado: attach
    establish fasten fix make
    pin plant imbed implant
  • 4
    Significado: activity
    form fashion make
    finish execute work

Sinónimos para big

144 sinónimos encontrados en 20 grupos
  • 1
    Significado: bulky
    massive hefty fat big
    distended heavy capacious swollen
  • 2
    Significado: broad
    big large liberal tolerant open-minded
  • 3
    Significado: large
    immense giant huge big
    broad tremendous vast gigantic
  • 4
    Significado: brimming
    teeming big laden brimful
    voluminous saturated full jam-packed

Sinónimos para thing

51 sinónimos encontrados en 7 grupos
  • 1
    Significado: object
    commodity fact article matter
    manifestation something thing
  • 2
    Significado: subject
    article element item
    particular thing point
  • 3
    Significado: something
    individual single item entity
    article thing singleton
  • 4
    Significado: item
    object article thing
    substance piece commodity

Sinónimos para of

17 sinónimos encontrados en 3 grupos
  • 1
    Significado: concerning
    connected with about in regard to of respecting
  • 2
    Significado: about
    connected with respecting with regard to
    regarding of concerning
  • 3
    Significado: part of speech
    concerning connected with respecting
    with regard to about of

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