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  1. 1
    Significado: group
    class variety species kind category division classification phylum
  1. 2
    Significado: district
    division territory ward
    department parish precinct
  2. 3
    Significado: half
    part division cut section fraction
    member parcel piece moiety
  3. 4
    Significado: arithmetic
    calculation addition subtraction division
    multiplication computation mathematics
  4. 5
    Significado: fracture
    cleft crack break split
    tear rupture division rift
  1. 6
    Significado: portion
    allotment allowance share division
    part serving piece apportionment
  2. 7
    Significado: radiation
    deviation split division branch
    divergence offshoot separation ramification
  3. 8
    Significado: divergence
    deviation split division branch
    ramification offshoot separation radiation
  4. 9
    Significado: disagreement
    movement alienation trouble breach
    division difference difficulty words
  5. 10
    Significado: place
    precinct district ward division area
    government municipality borough county
  6. 11
    Significado: subdivision
    division bureau office section
    ward department constituency
  7. 12
    Significado: type
    assortment category group classification
    class sort division variety
  8. 13
    Significado: share
    allotment apportionment dividend division
    dole lot quota portion
  9. 14
    Significado: violation
    division infraction fracture breaking cleavage
  10. 15
    Significado: distribution
    allotment apportionment division
    portion share partition
  11. 16
    Significado: army
    battalion troops brigade division
    company detachment legion
  12. 17
    Significado: thing
    crack fissure cleft division rupture
    breach break rift split
  13. 18
    Significado: duration
    term period time division season
  14. 19
    Significado: class
    order position division level
    standing station rank
  15. 20
    Significado: section
    region portion compartment province
    fraction part dominion division
  16. 21
    Significado: allotment
    portion detachment apportionment cutting
    distribution partition division
  17. 22
    Significado: boundary
    rank demarcation mark partition division
  18. 23
    Significado: action
    fracture cleft crack rift split
    tear rupture division break
  19. 24
    Significado: alienation
    division rupture difference disaffection
    disagreement dispute dissension breach
  20. 25
    Significado: precinct
    district ward division area
    government municipality county borough
  21. 26
    Significado: rhythm
    division motion part section
    tempo time movement
  22. 27
    Significado: amount
    piece component cut constituent division
    element fraction moiety part
  23. 28
    Significado: disconnection
    separation division detachment
    divorce partition disunion
  24. 29
    Significado: separateness
    detachment separation dissociation dissimilarity
    division isolation distinctness
  25. 30
    Significado: severance
    separation interference division disruption
  26. 31
    Significado: variance
    division contrariety feud contrast
    misunderstanding disagreement opposition difference
  27. 32
    Significado: quantity
    portion allotment allowance apportionment division
    part serving piece share
  28. 33
    Significado: separation
    division parting interruption cessation
    cleavage disruption intrusion disconnection
  29. 34
    Significado: mathematics
    calculation addition subtraction division
    multiplication computation arithmetic

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